The Story


Mucca is a little cow.

We looked for a name for her and came across Mucca. We wanted a coolish logo and Mucca came out with sunglasses. We wanted to focus on advertising production and we realized that we love diversity. We also love the complexity because it challenge our mind, we like beautiful things because they make us smile, we like the quality because it lets us work focused and does not get us of the way, we like teamwork but also we like one-man-show role. To summarize, Mucca is a full-service advertising agency that deals with the implementation of projects related to advertising production.

How? Where? What kind of projects?

Did we mention that we also like efficiency? We can explain things better on the phone than in writing .

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We are constantly dependent on other people's work so we are aware that our clients rely on us, with every project. That's why we always deliver on time, always better and always in accordance with the expectations of our clients.

Playfully Committed

Yet, we all know that the unpredictable can play with our plans. We jump in the game with the experience and with all the resources that we have and we enjoy the result. Every time.

We help you with the definition of technical specifications and with the experience of the best suppliers in the market.

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We offer integrated solutions that help you, especially when the production process is fragmented.

We always propose well-detailed and well-argued budgets.

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We always deliver on time. In fact, faster, so we can rest assured that you’ve checked this task in your to do list.

We aim at cost efficiency by avoiting the waste of the materials.

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Advertising and
visual comunication

Prints? Yes, digital and offset, indoor and outdoor.
What materials do we print on? We’ll use the materials that you suggest or the materials that we consider more suitable for the project described by you. We argue your choice with technical details and description of production limitations if they exist.
Yes, we can do the setup in the location. Not only in Bucharest, not only in the country, simultaneously in several locations if necessary.

Delivery? We’ll take care of it, if it's okay with you.

Exhibition systems, stands? Oh yes! We look forward for the briefing.


support materials

Do you know those full of adrenaline moments before the event? When you take the list of materials for the last time and you want to check them once again: nominal badges, lanyards, badge support, blank badges just in case, staff t-shirts, promoters t-shirts, bags, SWAG, partners’ materials, stickers , prizes, table signs, vouchers, press folders. If you really like the adrenaline, we deliver everything at the last minute. Otherwise, we’ll do it relaxed and without stress and we’ll help you with your check list. If something is wrong, we have the time to implement a back-up plan.


We make the items proposal considering your brief, the colours of your brand, the target and of course, the budget.

We import promotional materials from the catalogues, we make simulations, we take care of the branding and we deliver them where you need them.
We mix the experience of several suppliers so that the custom product you thought of will come out even better than you viewed it.

We take care of individual packaging if necessary and we prepare the delivery, so that you have enough time for the other tasks from your to do list.

See the more than 5000 products in our catalog.



Imagine you have 10 different Lego games, each with a few dozen pieces. Mix them up and try to build something different from the 10 constructions you could have done before mixing. About the same with special projects. It challenges you to use all the experience gained and all the resources you have to get something completely new. Yes, we like it a lot. Especially those involving testing and validation.

Event Set Up

This section includes projects for which even if you had a back-up plan, fragmented or not, it would be very difficult to implement it within the deadline. This is the reason why you need to work with people you trust, very skilled, extremely familiar with the logistics specific to the type of project you have to implement. If they are also creative, they can help you find solutions you would not have thought of, in those moments when you need it most. Keep them close. We do the same with ours.

Creative work and DTP

We work efficiently with the simulations and print files received from our clients. When they don't exist, we develop them and make sure that the implementation of your vision starts from a correct and complete image or that the layout you have to print comes out exactly in the colors in the brand manual.

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